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AIR-&-GAS… it's the spot where X-zam Laboratories lives and breathes. For us it's about analytical science of analyzing those gases – Including Compressed Air, Breathing Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and many other Gases. We do this by applying the latest in technologies and science.

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At X-zam Laboratories® we think that purity should give you peace of mind, not occupy your mind. Whether selecting a school, a professional, or a laboratory... consider "Are they skilled & legitimate?" Accreditation replies to that question. Without accreditation, it is unclear what standards and quality systems are actually employed by the laboratory. X-zam® Labs follows the Laboratory Quality Assurance Program (LQAP)... the highest possible model for laboratories. Accreditation gives you peace of mind.

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We follow the highest model for laboratories.

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One of 250 labs in this accreditation program.

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No matter the PureAir or InertGas application, X-zam® Labs most likely has the ability to analyze it.

At the end of all this is a piece of paper. But that paper gives you confidence. Confidence in your gas, confidence in a lab that is competent, confidence that your air or gas is squeaky clean. Security - - that's what you end up with.

From beginning to end in the field of purified gases - no other firm matches the resources and qualifications of X-zam Laboratories, where that’s our focus. Clients come to us not only for expert advice but for our quick responsiveness. In the analysis of air-&-gases, clients rely on our services as a piece of their quality assurance program. A prudent choice indeed… because X-zam® Labs is a Lawrence Factor® division and whose products are for making the purest compressed air & gas.


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In the field of purified air-&-gas, X-zam Laboratories focuses on analytics. And we carry out that mission through the use of the latest in analytical technology. Clients come to us not only for technical advice but for our quick responsiveness… relying on our analytical services as a piece of their quality assurance program. A prudent choice indeed because X-zam Labs never quits in its mission to provide accuracy and reliability in analytical science.

"Air purity should give you peace of mind, not occupy your mind."

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Undetected, contaminants can have far reaching consequences… disabling workers, triggering long term illness or even death, affecting longevity of equipment or breathing apparatus, or ruining product such as pharmaceuticals and food. Simply put, air-&-gas analysis by X-zam Labs can provide confidence to uncompromising individuals like yourself. For added confidence, we are backed by ISO-17025 accreditation.

For both recreational and commercial diving. Analysis can be conducted against a host of global air standards including US Navy, PADI, CGA, OCA, Nitrox, and others. Accredited to ISO-17025

Air used by first responders is recommended to comply with a number of standards including NFPA, CSA, EN and others. We are equipped to test to most all of them. Accredited to ISO-17025

Hazmat workers and others rely on safe air that’s fed to them. We test against OSHA, NFPA, and just about any prescribed standard. Like all of our services these tests are accredited to ISO-17025

Rest assured that there are no unwanted ingredients in your pharmaceutical products, food products, or contaminating medical devices. Analytical certifications can be provided against standards such as ISO-8573-1, SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute), FSEP (Canadian Food Safety Enhancement Program) and others. Tests are accredited to ISO-17025

Whether for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon or other inert gases as well as mixtures…. we can provide analysis for these or even to your own customized specification. Accredited to ISO-17025.

Conduct preventive analysis for mold spores, particulate count, bacteria, and viral contamination. We use ISO-8573 as a reference. Accredited to ISO-17025.


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X-zam Labs is located on a 3 acre manufacturing campus. It's a place where we live and breathe air-&-gas, employing technology in every practical process. With all of that real estate, technology, and all of our capabilities… it’s our people that account for our greatest accomplishments. It’s a team that strives for ways to make things easier and to do things better for you.

Larry Kaplan


Narine Gurprasad

Science Director

Kevin Ledon

Sampling Kit Preparation

Joseph Morales

Lead Chemical Scientist

Estephany Barro

Lead Microbial Scientist

Liev Aleman

LabOnLocale Engineer

Maria Silva

Lead LabOnLocale Analyst

Lori Dominguez

Quality Control

Disney, NASA, US Navy, Raytheon, Boeing, Defense Logistics Agency, US Army, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, major compressor manufacturers, diving concerns worldwide and thousands of Fire Departments.


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