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LOL Desktop

AIR TESTING Ideal for compressor manufacturers and organizations wishing to offer analytical services

• Air testing in real time - eliminates shipping lag time.

• Specimens are collected via a canister and fed into a remote sending unit, whereby the composition of the eSpecimen can be analyzed in real-time by live technicians at the X-zamlabs.

• Analytical documents are transmitted to sending unit where the operator may print them out.

• History & documents are stored at the X-zamcloud for future access by operator and administrators.

POWER: 110vac
INTERNET: Hard wire, any speed
WEIGHT: 40 pounds, including laptop and travel case
INCLUDED: Base unit, laptop computer or tablet, shipping case, 6 sampling kits with adapters, all accessories & cables, all consumable products during active lease, 1 year calibration and warranty, manuals.

LOL Onboard

CONTINUOUS BREATHING-AIR MONITORING AND COMPLIANCE EVERY DAY, EVERY HOUR. Ideal for compressed air system owners Dedicated to a single compressor or air source. Analyzed in real-time by live technicians at the X-zamLabs Constant monitoring of breathing-air safety with built-in alarm system. Satisfies air analysis requisites, including NFPA - 198913

POWER: 110-230vac
INTERNET: Hard wire, any speed.
Optional cellular connection. DIMENSIONS:
WEIGHT: 25 pounds including laptop and travel case
INCLUDED: Chassis unit, live canary module**, dedicated web portal, all consumable products during active subscription", 1 year calibration and warranty, manuals.

LOL Portable

Used onsite by a visiting tech who taps into the air system or fill station.

• Internet connection is made via integrated cellular device.

• Tests may be conducted for breathing-air, medical-air, or ambient air. The lab can be brought to the air source.

POWER:12vdc (110vac charger included)
INTERNET: Cellular
WEIGHT: 35 pounds
INCLUDED: Base unit in hearty weatherproof case, user tablet, pressure regulators with high and low pressure adapters, all consumable products during active lease*, 1 year lease/calibration and warranty, manuals. Aslo includes accessory pouch.

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