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CGA Grade J (G7.1 2018)

Region: United States

Application: specialty, laboratory, analytical
Analytes included:
Oxygen (O2). 19.5-23.5%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2). 0-500ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO). 0-1ppm.
THC as Methane (CH4). 0-0.5ppm.
Halogenated Solvents (THHC). 0-0.1 ppm
Water Vapor (H2O). 0-1ppm
Water Dew-point (H2O). Minimum of -105OF
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). 0-0.1 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). 0-0.1 ppm
Odor. No objectionable odor


Single Test LS-