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CSA Z180.1 (2013), > 2216 PSIG

Region: Canada

Analytes included:
Nitrogen (N2). 78-80%
Oxygen (O2). 20-22%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2). 0-600 ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO). 0-5 ppm
Methane (CH4). 0-10 ppm
Volatile Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (VHC). 0-5 ppm
Volatile Halogenated Hydrocarbons (VHHC). 0-5 ppm
Water as Dew Point (H2O). -53oC
Water Vapor (H2O). 0-27 ppm
Condensed Oil. Maximum of 1 mg/m3
Odor. No objectionable odor


Single Test LS-906070
Semi-Annual Tests LS-906071
Quarterly Tests LS-906072
Monthly Tests LS-906073