Our Past, Present & Our 4 Ways

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About Company


Since our founding, X-zam Labs has earned a reputation for quality, innovation, fair pricing, and lasting impressions. We do this by dedicating ourselves to our 4-WAYS:

At our core is PURE

Obviously our organization is focused on purity of gases…. but that’s not all. We also seek purity in our actions and ethics.

Making it EASY to work with us

Be it in using a product, placing an order, or getting technical advice… in every interaction, it’s our goal to ensure that your experience was easy.

Always on a quest for BEST

We are never satisfied with status quo…. constantly seeking ways to better what we do and how we do it, resulting in the glowing satisfaction of our customers.

Help individuals to GROW

Spanning across both products and individuals… our goal is continual growth and improvements.

X-zam Laboratories since 1979 & rooted deeply in the field of high-pressure gases . Since that time, and over a few decades of evolution, X-zam Labs® has become one of the recognized X-perts in compressed breathing-air. But our presence hasn't ended there - - over the years we have made our way into a multitude of industries. Still whenever you see air behind a breathing mask, be it in a hazardous environment, entering the scene of a fire, or plunging deep beneath the sea - - X-zam Labs® has most likely helped ensure that it’s pure.


Our Home, Our Stuff & Our Family


X-zam Laboratories is located on a 3 acre campus. It's a place where we live and breathe ISO-9001 standards, we maintain a fully fitted CNC machining facility, an electronics R&D lab, and a streamlined assembly floor - - employing technology in every practical process.


Though with all of that real estate, all of our technology, and all of our capabilities - - it’s our people that account for our greatest accomplishments. It’s a customer service team that lives to create memorable experiences for you, and it’s the individuals who craft our products & provide our services - - determined to see perfection in every detail and offer you solutions to your everyday challenges. We strive for ways to make things EASY and to do things BETTER.


Others make Air & Gas. We ensure that it's PURE!