In-Lab Breathing Air Analysis

The quality of the ambient air you breathe is fundamental to your well-being. It is a basic right for all, and especially workers to maintain a clean bill of health when working in potentially hazardous locations and conditions. Without air treatment or monitoring applications, ambient air might carry undetected toxins and contaminants and be detrimental to humans and other living organisms.

The above caveat also applies to costly machinery and equipment, including essential breathing apparatus to ensure their reliability, longevity and accuracy. Here, the gasses are conveyed or extracted by various pumps and vacuums to meet stringent requirements of purity. This way they can assist in breathing, be sold as a product or used as a utility to power secondary processes. These standards are set by various industry associations and regulatory bodies.

At X-zam Laboratories, we believe in the essence of purity. It is our goal to analyze and measure your gas samples as accurately and reliably to their purest form.

With our innovative gas and air analysis in our state of the art ISO-17025 accredited X-zam® Laboratories, you can expect:

  • Simple, yet accurate gas sampling procedure
  • Unsurpassed quality control
  • Precision scientific analysis
  • Compliance with requirements of most GLOBAL STANDARDS

How is Air and Gas Quality Measured?

It starts with a sample!

Our goal is for complicated things to be made simple and convenient for you to accomplish.

With X-zam® Labs, collecting a gas sample is easy. You can do it yourself or one of our local agents can be enlisted to pay a house visit. The lab provides everything needed within our patented sampling kit, which is loaned to you at no charge.

To collect a sample, simply follow our easily outlined few step kit.  

You can analyze samples on an ad-hoc basis, or enroll in a scheduled sampling program. There is even an option to submit large numbers of samples online using our immediate response instrument: the Lab On Locale®.

Quick and Accurate Test Results

Our experts will analyze your sample using the latest methods deploying the latest technologies in our X-zam® Labs so you will receive your detailed report quicker than you think. You will find an outline of the exact components of your sample so you can be sure that your gas product or the air quality at your workplace is pure. 

Our clients treat our air and gas analysis findings as a seal of purity that bridges into their quality assurance program, giving them peace of mind. 

Industry Driven, Globally Accepted

Are you questioning whether your gas product is of the highest quality? Are you concerned that your system is not performing optimally and your workers are not breathing safe ambient air? Does your regulatory body require an objective 3rd party analysis? Trust the experts at X-zam® Labs to find the root of your worries with a comprehensive analysis that complies with the strictest GLOBAL STANDARDS, including:

  • NFPA
  • OSHA
  • PADI
  • CSA
  • CGA
  • ISO

Industries Served

We provide accurate analysis of breathing, and contact air gasses for the following industries:

  • Fire 
  • Diving
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Food/Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical

For a comprehensive list of all testing standards we comply with, regardless of application, see our Standards list. Clicking a Standards category, then clicking a related standard also allows you to find directions on how to get a sample analyzed.

Others make Air & Gas. At X-zam Labs, we ensure that it's PURE!

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