X-zam Laboratories offers a complete array of Microbiology Testing services available at our new state of the art microbiological testing lab dedicated to compressed air microbial analysis. We have invested in new advanced equipment and a team of microbiologists to serve your testing requirements.

We offer Total Plate Count (TPC), Total Fungal Plate Count (TFC), bacterial classification by Gram stain and microbial identification. Soon we will also be offering Surface Testing and much more.

We have designed the Rapid Microbial Air Sampler (R*MAS) for daily rental or purchase. Your sampling is now rapid, easy and safe.

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We offer a 10-day turnaround with the availability of custom specifications and incubation.

X-zam Laboratories is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) complying with ISO 17025, Certificate # 0314-01. We have invested in the latest technology, which will provide consistent, accurate and rapid turnaround with room to grow.

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LS-910770            ISO 8573-7 Microbial (Basic)*

                              Total Plate Count (TPC)


LS-910771            ISO 8573-7 Microbial (Plus)

                              Total Plate Count (TPC)

                              Gram Staining for all colonies


LS-910772            ISO 8573-7 Microbial (ProPlus)**

                              Plus program and Add-on Chromogenic ID (up to 3)


*all blinds are treated as Basic

** can only be requested with Plus Package


Rush Report $150.00


LP-230TSA           TSA Plates-10 pk.





LP-23019283       R*MAS (SALE)


LP-23019282       R*MAS (RENTAL)


LP-23019284       R*MAS (RENTAL XTRA DAY)


The R*MAS includes:

Carrying Case


Pressure Gauge

Sterile Tubing

Alcohol Wipes

Parafilm Tape

Sterile Bags


  • Submit samples using Next Day service
  • If shipping on a Friday, please contact X-zam Laboratories Customer Service to schedule Saturday receiving
  • Submit samples in sealed packaging or containers- package in such a way to prevent compromising the integrity of the samples
  • Include a completed Chain of Custody with samples- place the form in a separate plastic bag to ensure the form does not get wet or damaged
  • Ship samples in a cooler, with ice packs for next day delivery to X-zam Labs- do not use ice cubes or dry ice, unless specifically instructed
  • Clearly identify samples on the plate- before, sample and after samples

Failure to follow these instructions may compromise the quality and integrity of the testing.

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